The Line | An Original Poem By David Charles Metler

Updated: Mar 16

The Line

By: David Charles Metler

The picket line

The lines between countries

The line between you and where the rest of the world begins

There may be no line more powerful of telling whether the future will be different than the present

than watching kindergarteners line up.

“Line up and be quiet” the teacher yells, casually unaware of the significance this ordinary routine has in shaping the future.

In an instant, all the children mindlessly obey and form a perfectly straight and quiet line in the school hallway.

The status quo sighs in relief resting reassured of its continuation

But wait.

Just then another teacher comes walking by

The children are signaled by their teacher to give a silent finger wave

They again all obey…

Except one

The smallest child in the class seems to think for a split second then exclaims at the top of his lungs “I love you and have missed you so much!” while launching himself for a hug at the waist of the teacher walking by

That teacher walking by was me.

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